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7D2D Valmod Overhaul: looking for players


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This is a dedicated PVE only server running Valmod Overhaul. It will restart when A17 drops and go from there.


Server details are as follows;


Game Seed: Atlantis Random Gen

24 Hour Cycle: 60 minutes

Day Length: 18 hours

Zombies run: Night only

Loot Respawn: 15 days

Airdrops: 3 days, marked

Spawned Zombies: 60

Spawned Animals: 80

Blood moon: 25

Difficulty: 5


We currently have a small dedicated and friendly player base and are looking to expand.

Some of our players prefer to go solo and others are willing to coop so all play styles are catered for.

If you are new to the game you will find players willing to play alongside you and help you learn.


The server is Sydney based and we are looking for Australian players to express an interest.

However we do have players from other countries.

All inquiries are welcome as long as you understand the potential latency issues.


Server costs are covered by donations from the dedicated player base so there is no requirement for donations.

Of course donations are welcome.

Currently there are 10 slots available which can be expanded if there is sufficient interest.


We have a discord server with a channel dedicated to server rules and instructions on how to download and install

the mod and how to set up the mod launcher if you choose to use it. IP, Port and Password details are also provided.

There are also dedicated channels for chat. Players prepared to use a mic and participate in chat are preferred

but you can still play without one.


If you would like to join, add me on Discord (Skillza#5217) and message me to say hello and introduce yourself. I will send you a Discord Link "our group" and we can go from there. If you do not get a prompt response please be patient, I will get back to

you as soon as possible. There is no need to reply to this post unless you have further questions. Just add me if

you want to play.


Griefing, trolling and general unfriendly and abusive behaviour will not be tolerated.

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