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A few humble suggestions to implement


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Been playing 7 Days to Die for over 90 hours now and have become totally hooked. It has left me quite a few lasting impressions, and I see no end to the possibilities within this game. Off the head however the following few things are stuff that I think would add both to the joys of exploration and diversity to surviving within the game: # MORE CRAFTING OPTIONS FOR CLOTH, LEATHER, BRONZE AND LED - I would suggest a clothes range between leather and iron that could be crafted, using cloth and brass. Sort of using brass as makeshift plates on normal clothing, like primitive kevlar. Just for diversitys sake, and for fashion statements. But yeah, more crafting options would be nice, even it's just fluff or for more variation among building materials. # FISHING - You already have some fishing in game. Why not add the possibility to create fishing rods? Bronze for the hook, lead for the bait/sink and whatever food for bait. Make it take some time of course, to add to the excitement and risk of fishing. This has been done in several games already, so I don't see why not? More cooking options this way. Oh, and fish would definitely smell of course... And why not add a fisherman zombie while on it? # ABANDONED SURVIVOR CAMPS - So far most camps in the game are just tents. But what about adding fictional underground bunkers once used by now perished survivors? Barricaded huts? Let us fight their undead bodies and the zombies that killed them to clear them out. Let them be half razed, having certain rooms having to be partially dug out to find the loot, and so on. # VAULTS - In the same vein as the survivor camps. Add random Vaults in areas like Wastelands, Deserts or Charred Forests. # GIANT ANTS - You have bees... so? Mutate some ants while on it! # GIANT ZOMBIES - Fat Zombies and Police Officers be damned... Why not add some really big hulk of a zombie... Like a failed experiment or mutated weirdness that could sometimes wander Cities or Charred Forests.. or maybe sometimes even come with the horde... sort of like a miniboss.
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