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Appropriate Tool for blocks


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I want to start this off by stating that this is a question on game mechanics i.e. where the data is placed in the code or how the game calculates the values.




With the above stated, I was looking through the .xml files trying to do calculations for mid/end game tools and seeing which would be best for breaking blocks. I wanted to compare the Sledge, Pick, Axe, Hammer, and Wrench to see where each would excel and be able to compare numbers for different block types. Also not looking at Auger or Chainsaw as I am wanting to compare stamina-powered tools not gas-powered.


Inside the .xml files I was able to find the block multipliers on several tools but some of them seemed to be missing. For example, the pickaxe is "known" to be the best at breaking stone but under the .xml there is no multiplier for stone. Not even a x1 multiplier as some tools will have.




Why are some of these multipliers missing and what is the point behind a x1 multiplier?


What is an "appropriate tool" and where is it in the game code? Also what does "Appropriate tool" do for the calculation?


Are the damage bonuses from skills and perks multiplicative or stacked? e.g. MiningTool and Miner69er?

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