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Sweden By Night - Pve server-20 slots


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Greetings, and welcome new survivors to Sweden By Night your host is Voda73


This is an adult server, so please act like an adult. We wish we only had 1 rule: Act like an adult who respectfully uses commonsense. Unfortunately, we realize, it just isn’t that simple. So here are the rules, please pay attention:


Respect your fellow survivors, we’re a PVE community. These rules are here to protect our people and our server. Don’t steal, and don’t enter anyone else’s base without permission. Don’t waste your time trying to hurt other players. We do NOT tolerate hate speech or trolls.


If you want to be in a village co-op style community of awesome builders, then, you’ve come to the right place. The rules are really simple.


DO NOT claim or build inside city limits, and NEVER claim any point of interest building (POI) anywhere. (UNSURE? ASK QUESTIONS FIRST BUILD LAST!) Basically, anywhere that the good loot respawns Do NOT claim or build there. Everyone should have access to respawning loot.

If you want to claim a house, shack, cabin, or mine…go for it! Just be aware sleeper zombies WILL respawn there.


DO NOT tunnel under ANY city or under anyone else’s base. Cave-ins are bad news. We would LOVE for you to build and live in the village with us once we get to know you. But do NOT dig for resources and leave holes around the village please. If you want to connect to your neighbor, be sure there is not a space between your bases where someone might build (or an existing base without permission).


MAKE SURE you put spacers between rows of crops. Harvesting crops that are next to each other creates SERIOUS LAG for everyone on the server.


ABSOLUTELY NO tree farms on the map. Space them out so the crowns of trees do not touch.


DO NOT drop-mine, meaning: digging down deep and cutting out the bottom of a large area so it all collapses. Small areas are okay, but drop-mining can LAG THE SERVER to the point of CRASHING.




NO TNT (has been used in terrorist attacks here before)

NO MINIBIKES (glitches and crashes servers)

NO SOLAR PANELS (notorious for lagging multiplayer servers)

Acquiring or crafting a banned item will get you sent to TIMEOUT by the bot so scrap them on sight, do not put them in your inventory


We have BOT commands that you should read about to protect your base and help you get your pack if you die – please read up on the commands and also the blog regarding no-no’s and ban-able offenses!


We do not WANT to ban anyone. Just be cool! Enjoy, Explore AND SURVIVE. And we hope you’ll be a great addition to our village community.


Finally, the password to exit the lobby is: b4datalore (NEVER SHARE THIS). Just go to the door, long press “e” and enter this code on the number pad. Be sure to close both doors when you exit and hit the letter “t” to chat and say hi!


Again, welcome new survivors.




valmod overhaul mod needs to be installed



port : 25000


Thank you from the staff

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