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Char Reset after crash


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Hello. We played on a private server with 3 player.

The PC of the host player crashed and after game restart

we joined the server again and my char is reset .

i spawned on a other place with a level 1 char ,

everythings lost , skills , blueprints ... everythings reset.

the other 2 players are ok , but not my char ?!!?

we start the server 1 week ago and everythings be fine ...

until todays crash. in the past our host player had a pc crash ,

and i joined after the crash and everythings ok.

why is my char now reset to level 1 ?


greeting PvtJ77

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Unfortunately sometimes it happens. After a crash a few files can be corrupted because the system was using (updating) it at the moment of the crash and this files will be broken at a reload, so the system will try to open and read it, if it can't, the system will override the file resulting in data (already corrupted) loss.

Last week it happens to my SP game at day 5, the game turned into a MP game on day 1000, all my stats was erased and I spawned near the edge of the world, underwater surrounded by a few POI's on a really high pole (my guess is the world data was corrupted also).

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