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Observations and suggestions moving forward....


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I know some of this is being worked on already, I'm just listing everything running thru my head; More POI's: Currently, unless it's a wasteland city, the average is 3 houses/gas stations next to the road, and maybe a cabin/tent camp out in the wild. In 3 games I've played since random gen, (2 of the games have gone over 50 days) I've found 1 lumber mill, and 0 military camps (I know the military camps had a spelling error in one of the XML's that has since been fixed, but I still have not found a single one). Would be nice to run into small towns/villages similar to either the small desert town or Diersville. The wasteland cities are cool,.. would just like more variety in what's out there. I feel like I'm looting the same 3 or 4 buildings over and over. Better map scroll. I know that it would not be practical to see the whole things given random gen,.. but it needs to zoom further out. Ability to set at least 4 or 5 waypoints (with notes). 1 waypoint just isn't cutting it in my opinion. Ability to share maps with friends. That way, people working together can chart more area. Speaking of charting,.. the removed fog of war area uncovered when you travel could stand to be expanded a bit. Currently, I can see farther than what's uncovered on my map. Would be helpful if these matched a little better. Transportation. Given the size of the world,.. the ability to find/repair/build some form of transportation would be useful,.. as well as give you additional storage for those long forage runs. Cars need to respawn. With the limited POI's at the moment,.. cars are the only reliable way to find tool loot. I've found very few GarageStorage boxes with the current POI's. Those people playing on MP servers are a bit screwed if it's a populated server. Once the cars are searched they're SOL. I would recommend also adjusting the loot percentages in gun safes. I can live with the gun parts and having to find all the correct pieces to assemble the gun,.. but I am almost never finding ammo in the safe. Once I get simple guns put together,.. it really makes the safe not worth the effort most of the time. I have higher chance of finding ammo elsewhere,.. which doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Just my opinion. Also,.. since we have to part together the SMG/Sniper Rifles,.. a few more Munitions Boxes added in to various places would be useful,... those parts rarely show up as is,.. and there are very few of those boxes out there, since Mil Camps seem to be crazy rare. (or,.. you could adjust the rate of weapon parts up slightly) Anyway, my 2 cents.
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