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Di's endgame / citybuilding mod


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First off, I consider this to be an "endgame-like", city building, starting improvement mod--in a sense a "vanilla+" (if you install it on a server, people connecting do not need the mod installed to play). Actually it was created just so people didn't have to be installed (I had to take out a number of things as a result).


It's endgame-like as:

----max level is 300

----you can craft all nailgun, chainsaw, & auger parts (with skill purchase)

----you can build engines, batteries, craft lead and brass, nitrate and coal from resources ("expensive" but doable)

----you can craft any weapon in the game (with skill purchase, and needing 10 in weapons)

----first aid kits, first aid bandages, and bandages stack to 20


It's city building as:

----raw iron is stacked to 6000, as is cement and concrete

----bulletproof glass has new recipes that use regular business glass panes (plates?) and plastic (a bit cheaper)

----you can craft steel polish

----you can craft more doors (already in game, the defaults, but they look better than the "wood doors")


It's start-out improving as:

----times are hard, you can mix alcohol with rotting flesh (and fat) and get charred meat

----you can craft a padlock for your minibike

----you can craft black versions of the clothing (takes 50 cloth, puffer coats 75 cloth and 50 cotton)

----++++ok so that's expensive, BUT it lets you craft things before you may find them

----you can craft a beaker

----you can craft a cactus tree for... well decoration or cheap food/defense

----you can craft coal from wood


Other small things, but highlights

----windows take glass and wood, not just wood (just annoyed me that it didn't)

----you can make "river water" in jars using "bottled water" and dirt (easier than adding either/or for all recipes)



I designed it after being on servers with no one, and on servers with 20+ people on them, servers to rebuild cities, to servers where "blow up the world" type of focus. There were always issues with some resources, ammo, finding augers/etc, and massive builds taking so many trips with concrete/etc, that there were bases virtually everywhere.



The zip file actually works with the mod launcher (just copy the link where it asks for the link for it), the zip file has a data\config\ file structure. If you put it on a server, I'd just upload the files to the data\config. You do not need to install anything on a client if you put it on a server!


Note: the localization.txt file does not get transferred, so some text is lost. However, the names are so obvious, you know what it's for. But installing the mod locally just for a few text lines is overkill (I don't even do it).






Really everything should work, as it just adds/modifies existing things (no new items/etc--which is how it works without needing installed on servers). But any suggestions to what should be tweaked/added, feel free. It's a "living mod" in that when I notice something I will edit it. I sub'd to this thread just in case even though I do stream from a server with it installed, as well as use a discord for my stream channel for info on the updates as well.

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Mod's been updated with suggestions from people in my streams.


Increased stack size of different items, added ability to repair batteries, engines, and tires in the same fashion as repairing auger blades (increases level with your skill). Altered glass recipes to be more accurate.

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