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New Server- Tombstone 2.0 (War of the Walkers Mod)


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A few friends and I have purchased a new server and opened it up to anyone who wants to play with us. Its a little slow right now, so I thought I would get on here and tell people about it. We have 16 slots and I am happy to pay for more if we get more traffic. It is on a 4 out 5 difficulty, no rules such as building in city or don't do this or that. The only request we have is that you respect other players, don't cuss or talk about vulgar topics in the game chat (as we have some minors playing) and don't stomp someone into the ground where they don't want to play on the server anymore. Other than that, come on in and help us build a great community. Thanks!


Servername: Tombstone 2.0

no password needed

Random Generated Map

lots of great modded features

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