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Mostly PVP ideas


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Throwing some ideas out here mostly for PVP. Hopefully some that are new. [LIST] [*]Being able to draw blood from other players/zombies. [*] [*]Ability to use the infected blood to with arrow heads/poison water sources. [*] [*]Using contaminated water/earth to add additional level of defense against other players (does damage when walked on). [*] [*]Poison gas grenades. (does damage and chance to infect) This will be so cool when fighting door to door in gravestown. [*] [*]Smoke grenades, can be very helpful when ambushing online players base. [*] [*]Putting the flashlights down or attaching them to weapons. [*] [*]Inability to pick up spider webs/land mines/torches/paintings from claimed areas. [*] [*]Gear - not only for combat. * Hasmat suits that offer less bullet protection but will make it possible to build in areas that you infected. * Medic gear that allows you to heal others and heal yourself more. * Mining gear makes easier dig. * Light gear - less protection/better speed. [*]Natural oil (that can be harvested with empty barrels) [*] [*]Triggering zombie spawns with a lot of NOISE. [/LIST] Feel free to add more.
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