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Crash while on bike and now its gone


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I managed to get a quite good bike going with almost all parts 600. Then I was headed towards the settlements to buy and sell some stuff. I managed to get to two of them, and while on the way to the third my game just crashed while I was on my bike.


I then relaunch the game and log back on, only to find that my bike is completely gone (not on the minimap or anywhere around where I got kicked off). Ive never seen this happen before, and I almost got 400 hours played.


Not only does it suck that I now have to farm up my whole bike again, but I also have to run back to base from where I was and I also gotta hope the new bike doesnt vanish like the other one.


Little hope, but is there any way to get the bike back? Or is it just lost in the void?

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