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Mayo's Dreams for 7 days Cont. Medic System. WIP


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Mayo's Dreams for 7DTD

Before We Get Started:

1. I sincerely love this game; I have truly enjoyed everything about it since early alpha days.

2. These are just some of my ideas. I'm not saying that these should be included all at once or in one update, but I think the implementation of these ideas over time would be really fun features/mechanics/etc.

3. I'm neither a coder nor a programmer so I'm not too sure of the limitations or restrictions the dev team has to work around. If any of my ideas seem far-fetched or outlandish let me know.

4. If any of your ideas made it on this list, I'm sorry pm me your post with the idea in it and I'll give you credit.


If you haven't seen my other "Mayo's Dreams" post I suggest you check it out. (link below)



Now, Let's Get Into it.


Gameplay Ideas - A Medic System:


  • The goal of this system is to give players another option of specialty whilst also not limiting those who play singleplayer or like to lone wolf in multiplayer servers. The System could work with the current perk system after creating a few new in-game items.
  • These items would be initially unavailable to the player until unlocked with the corresponding perk. Just like the cement mixer and forged steel.

The new items and the perks required to craft and utilize them are structured below.

Perk: Medicine Man

Science 10, Medicine 15, Player Level 25.

Usable Items
Perk Benefits:

- A New item used to administer medicines to players and allies.

- Provides a damage reduction boost.

- Same utility as vanilla antibiotics with the added bonus of 1-day immunity to infection.

Snowberry Compound
- Counters the effects of the cold longer than snowberry juice, but makes it easier to overheat.

Experimental Compound
- Name that is given to all syringes to players without the Medicine Man perk. - Use may result in infection, Stamina gain, or health loss.

Experimental Compound 2
- Name that is given to all syringes with compounds made by a player with the
Hippocratic Oath

- A more advanced splint that works 2 times as fast but makes the player move 1.5 times as slow.

Can be used as medical glue to stop the player bleeding.

Perk: Hippocratic Oath

Medicine Man, Health Nut, Player Level 40

Usable Items
Perk Benefits:

Sewing Kit
- Allows for the player to stop all bleeding, and Open Wound debuffs, (See link to other posts at top of this post.)

Advanced Compounds
- Allow for the mixture of different items such as Alcohol, Beer, Snowberry Juice, Yucca Juice, Vitamins, antibiotics, etc by using a chemistry station and syringe.

This would allow the player freedom to create multipurpose drugs.

Purification Tablets
- Can be crafted and combined with Murky Bottled water to create Bottled Water.

Perk: Proper Excercise

Hippocratic Oath

Usable Items
Perk Benefits:

player gains health slowly if stamina is kept below 15, with no other debuffs active.
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