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Dedicated server showing multiple times in the server list


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Hi all,


As the title says, I am having a peculiar issue when hosting a dedicated server from my other computer.


I know that my local IP and public IP is meant to show for myself, but others also see this. Before I flushed the DNS to acquire a new IP from my router it was showing up to 8 entries.


4 of which would be the public IP and 2 each for 2 local IP's. All had different pings and using any one would join the server as per normal.


This is very confusing as this was visible to others outside my LAN when also viewing the master server list. I was wondering what would cause this?


This is hosting with a static IP from my ryzen system (main rig is intel) and I also tried turning the firewall on and off as well as manually setting the IP in windows and making sure port forwarding was only in place for 1 local IP listed on my router for my server.


Any insight would be of help as this did not happen when I tried hosting on my old dual xeon setup.

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