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City Spawning and Zombie Spawning


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I'm trying to mod my rwgmixer such that only large cities will spawn (ie, no towns spawn), with tons of cop zombies inside them so that entering them is basically a death sentence.


I've changed rwgmixer to:


<cell_rule name="default">

<cave_count value="4,8"/>

<path_material value="asphalt" />

<path_radius value="10" />

<hub_rule name="townSmall" prob="0"/>

<hub_rule name="townLarge" prob="0"/>

<hub_rule name="citySmall" prob="0"/>

<hub_rule name="rural" prob="0"/>

<hub_rule name="cityLarge" prob="1000000"/>

<wilderness_rule name="wildernessDefault"/>



And added the following spawn rule to the 'city,' 'city_wasteland,' and 'wasteland_hub' biomes in spawning.xml:

<spawn maxcount="50" respawndelay="1" time="Any" entitygroup="ZombiesBoss" />


However, I am not seeing the cops anywhere, and I'm still seeing almost all 'towns' (rather than cities) spawn.


What am I missing?



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