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Help with hordes?

Ezrah Karotan

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Could someone help me by posting or telling me how to edit the xml files to reduce the frequency of wandering horde spawns?

It seems like they've supercharge the frequency and number of the hordes since 15, and I need a way to reduce it.


And before anyone jumps on me, no, I'm not being a baby. no, I can't build better defenses or get some guns. I play with True Survival which has a way more detailed, and heavily gated tech tree with a heavy emphasis on self-crafting and scavenging. Guns are rarer, I've almost never found a fully functioning gun, and the parts are rare, as well as having to spend parts to make the book to be able to even assemble them, I also can't really make any of the crafted weapons from that mod aside from primitive technology ones... because they all require resources I have to scavenge in order to be able to make the crafting stations to then make them. Same with metal working, to make better defenses.


Most of the stuff in this mod is locked behind a crafting station which I have to scavenge to build, the problem, however, is with the changes to the horde spawning mechanic [16.2] two or three time a day, taking out an average of a fourth to a third of my base defenses and forcing me to constantly rebuild. I'm having to go further and further each days for materials, and the hordes, obviously, just grow with time, and it's gotten to the point where I don't have time for anything but keeping my food stocks up, gathering wood, making spikes, and doing base repairs. I wouldn't mind a horde every day or two, but two to three a day/night is unreasonable since I require time to scavenge to progress. I'm on day 25 and I've literally only been able to loot three or four houses in the nearby town between upkeep.


Think I might of found it. I'd like some verification if possible though, new to 7dtd's xml formatting.


<spawner name="WanderingHorde">

<!-- These will wrap around at 50. -->

<!-- Will probably have to undo that later. Rev 19924 /19944 -->

<gamestage stage="01">

<spawn group="wanderingHorde15" num="5" maxAlive="30" duration="09" />


Basically, if I were to change duration to '18' rather than '9', on this entry, and the other 49 wandering horde entries, I'd be getting hit an average of 2 2/3rd times every two days, rather than 5 1/3rd? In th emeantime I'll try the edit.


That seems to have reduced the spawn rate to something more managable. I'm willing to wager that the problem comes from the universal wandering horde system. people camping out in cities wanting to constantly defend from inside premade buildings were likely getting less spawns than would be optimal given their play style and desires; and people out in the wilderness, trying to attract less attention and be self sufficient were getting too many. The optimal solution to this would be to add in a slight mechnical alteration to the wandering horde spawning. An 'urbanization' variable that takes into account biome and number of player placed blocks of various tiers, and provides a modifier that changes both the frequency of wandering horde spawns and the number of zombies in them. [might have to track the chunks a player has been through recently to prevent this from being abused.]

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