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New Trailer and Platform

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The 7 days to die on pc and console is amazing, dont get me wrong, but is it just me or dose anyone else go on trips wanting to still play 7d2d, so if you guys (my opinion should) ask or introduced the game being on nintendo switch to telltale they might give it a go reason being is they've made couple games for it, so probably have some experience but, the only thing that probably stopping the game from putting it on on nintendo switch is income so if the Fun Pimps introduces trailers for every Alpha (starting with Alpha 17) should help a little. The game hasent had trailer in a while so its outdated and not only that some people werent intrigued by the guy in the woods it should introduce gameplay (thats how the game got me also the interviews of devolpers) certainly I know you guys have probably a very tight schedule with experimenting the new Ai, Level designing,etc... so try between Alpha 17 and Alpha 18, you guys deserve a break and should send the trailer out when Alpha 17 is in experimental or done completely shown now I didnt know about the game till Alpha 14 and Ive watch over 72 hours of videos worth of the game (not much compared to everyone else) but it gave me a good grip of how you guys are trying to change from scattered and slow development to more organized and faster development with new programs (which seems to be working) which says after Alpha 18 or 19 to start working on new portable platform, or start planning to atleast. Also one last thing where are the Fun pimps located? (Job planning for future, Just a highschool Freshman sadly though, trying to be a game developer.)

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