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At least add Dyed Storage Chests


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As a stopgap measure, until named Storage Chests can be added to the game, the devs should at least add visually distinctive Chests, to make it easier for coop player to keep track of their stuff. I suggest as a minimum offering the standard Storage Chest in 10-12 different colours, including its natural brown. Red, blue, yellow, orange, white, and so forth. But ideally also alternatively [I]shaped[/I] containers, that cost the same to make as a Storage Chest (an have the same storage capacity), but look different, like a box and a barrel (although of course as per my older post, it'd be even better if barrels had added functionality). In the longer term there's no way around labeled/named containers, but t appears to be difficult to add, so this would be a good temporary solution. (My preference would be for subtler colours, not wild technicolour to make 7D look like a cartoon game.)
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