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NPC Camps


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I noticed NPCs are coming after reading the stretch list, but after reading another thread regarding the way the TFP want to keep a level of tension to the game even after you build a mega-fortress, I was wondering if we might see some added as a new PvE element. Zombies will be ever present, but by using existing prefabs, you might stumble upon hostile (or friendly) NPCs (other bands of/lone survivors) using them as a base, that would function in a much more intelligent (and deadly, given weapon usage etc) and varied manner than the zombies. This might then allow for "human" enemies attempting to breach your walls using more advanced methods more akin to what the player would use, such as using ladders to scale walls, or tools to break them down (maybe not explosives). Maybe they could be a special random spawn so as to not become a continual hindrance, but offer surprise and a challenge when encountered. Imagine hunting animals for food one of these special spawns notices you, but rather than killing you right there, they might stealthily track you, hiding behind the environment, hoping to find your base, and then kill you and loot your base. You could have subtle audio queues, maybe the old twig snapping, to alert those that are paying attention as they track you. They could even follow the same or similar zombie aggro rules so they would have to avoid zombies themselves while they do this. I understand that they would essentially be replicating playing on a PvP server, but by doing something like this, we might have an interesting continual threat for developed towns and fortifications on PvE servers that are well (too well) equipped for zombies, while providing another layer to the challenges, even on a PvP server. Also, just as an additional thought, if NPC settlements will one day exist, you could do something like establishing a trade route with the town (through quests), so once or twice every day (similar to air drops) an NPC will travel from that settlement to yours, bringing/taking supplies. Maybe they would use a vehicle like a bus and will only do it if your settlement is large enough to build a double gate (or similar craft plan) to allow it entry. This would maybe be 4 or more blocks wide to accomodate the vehicle (so no spike pits) The bonus is your daily supplies for traded goods, but the downside is you have a large vulnerability on your fortress/settlement. Risk and reward. Maybe it's what was already planned (or suggested), just thought I'd share anyway.
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