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New Game Modes Ideas (post yours too)


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[SIZE=3][COLOR="#FFFF00"]Deathmatch [/COLOR][/SIZE] A small map (a size of 4 region files combined) , player that join can choose 1 starting common range weapon (pistol, sawed shotgun, hunting rifle, crossbow), a loot refresh only 1 day, a lot of zombie and dogs , block durability 25%, the map is complex city with many hidden place and loot, loot is 200% [SIZE=3][COLOR="#FFFF00"]7 Day Death Race[/COLOR][/SIZE] (maybe need some balance , but this just an early idea) A linear map with size 1x14 region files combined, player spawned with complete tools to break obstacles (fireaxe, pickaxe), on death delete everything and respawn back on start line with complete starting item, no crafting blocks and no place blocks, a player can't kill another player, this map filled with many zombies and obstacles, hidden loot, food & drink & medicine is very valuable, biome is mixed but all of them is city and houses, the goal is to reach finish line in 7 days , 1 day is 20/30 minutes, after 3 day no new player can join, loot is 50% I think more game mode like 7 Day base defense which you make a defense in some building and given limited material
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