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Pve server looking for players


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Getting ready to do a restart and looking for players to join in.


I am an engineer so of course i like to build! Rather than compromising my base designs in order to make them raid proof, the server is set up to eliminate that little problem so you can concentrate on building a fun, zombie proof base without having to go through twenty vault doors to get to your storage room.


Your land claim is invulnerable with no degradation, you can keep your private stuff private with a locked wooden door if you like. There is a large no build zone around your claim so you are free to build an expansive base without worry of having your stuff stolen or someone tearing up your work.


That said, I rarely even use a land claim or lock any doors and don't really want people on the server that won't automatically respect other peoples stuff. Everyone is friends here and you are welcome to use any outpost I make for temporary shelter if you come across one. I like doing hoard nights with other people so I don't mind visitors at my base and sometimes it's fun to co-op a base with other people.


There aren't a bunch of rules here, I would ask that you don't put any land claim blocks in a city which would effectively quarantine it for everyone else, make your land claim out in the sticks where it does not effect a lot of lootable points of interests and please don't encompass a valuable POI like a gun or book store.


In general, just be a decent human being. You can be a hermit if you like, just don't be an ahole and don't tear up other peoples stuff.


There is room here for up to about 6 people. It is hosted by Gameservers.com and located in Chicago, I get a 27 ping in Indiana. it will run non-stop until the next stable version is released.


The map is random gen, has a huge number of cities and no large bodies of water, additionally, there are very few of the wasteland and burnt biomes which IMHO, are no fun to play in.


I run a few mods...


Minibike storage increase mod that gives you more slots in the basket and includes a combine box like a workbench has.


Car Respawner mod that will leave a tuff of grass when you dismantle a car. DO NOT CUT THE PLANT DOWN! It will grow into a new car in a random state in 15 days just like loot respawns in 15 days.


Level increase mod that bumps the cap up to 300 instead of 200. It takes a little longer to get up to the max level but you get more points to work with so you can max out just about every skill. It also makes the game more playable for a longer length of time since it takes longer to max out.


Wireless junction box mod that lets you make 2 different types of wireless junction boxes. I hate ugly wires running all over my base.


50 min real time day

18 hrs daylight

no player killing

drop pack only on death

airdrops every 24 hrs

airdrops show on map

midrange difficulty (4) ... This game is easy as it is, I don't want to make the zeds too easy.



Send me a message if you would like a slot, there are no qualifications to meet other than that "decent human being" thing, you can be a rookie or a vet.


You should be someone who would like to build a really cool base (or 12) ha. After all, that is the whole point of this server! I think adults would be a better fit here but that's not set in stone.



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Hey Ranger, I wanted to see if there were any slots left open? I switched from console to PC a couple weeks ago and am looking for folks to survive with. If there are any open slots I'd love to join. Thanks for your time.


We do have slots open, only two of us playing right now I think. You can group with us or do your own thing. We are on day 161


- - - Updated - - -


Sounds like a server I would line to check out, depending on the ping I get. I'm west coast Canada so might be a little high?


We have had Canada players from both coasts, PM me if you want to try it and see what your ping is like.

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