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Ravenhearst 3.0 - 21 day horde version


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Ravenhearst PVE 3.0




21 Day Horde version.


This is a fresh install with max players at 10.


Difficulty is lower for now until we get into the mod and see how it plays but may increase as time goes on as needed.


We play strictly PVE and work together as much as possible. While not a requirement it seems more fun and helps everyone progress. There are no requirements to build or stay in any given place.


There are 3 of us currently playing and we would enjoy some company. We are an older group and enjoy casual play.


We have private TS3 for communication and again, its not a requirement but we have a good time and prefer you join in.


East coast server thats hosted so is always on.


The server and TS are passworded to keep grief at a minimum.


If interested feel free to add me on Steam or pm for password.

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