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A true zombie game there's no escape


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Dear Sirs,


I hath truely made this game like in the movie "Night of the Living Dead 1990".


When playing the game zombies just ignore me, the only way they see me is if I'm right up in their face to give chase and half of them just walk around in circles hitting air and it's not very challenging at all with the predictable 7 days schedule.


What I hath done is increased their aggro range at 1000+ blocks away so as soon as they spawn they instantly tag me regardless if I'm in a building or not and have set the biome spawn rate to infinite capped to 60 zombies.


Now this game doth feel like the living dead movie. All zombies are on walk only and I'm constantly harrassed I have to keep moving to different areas to gather resources and craft things I don't get a break at all its very hard and requires a group to survive, doing this single player will be impossible unless you can get to a higher ground due to weak pathing AI, or nerf their damage, hp, spawn cap, random delay between spawns etc.


Please Pimps of Fun, make zombies have pathing AI similar to WoW if they can't reach the player they should attack blocks to get to him, even with these XML mods I've done they just stand in the center of a building and do nothing if I'm on the roof which is easily exploitable.





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