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Help me, I've fallen and I cant get up


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Hey guys,


I am really dumb when it comes to things like this so bare with me.


I am looking to make/buy a server (which I have never done), so me and my 7 or so friends can play on and I don't have to be online for them to get on it.


Second, I think I would prefer to play with mods like WotW or starvation mod. I have watched others play with these mods and I think they are more enjoyable and add much more than just the original game. I actually downloaded the WotW mod a few months ago and played around with it by myself, I do not remember how I did this and don't know if having this is going to mess things up for when I get this server.


I am also wondering if each of the people on the server will need to download the mod that I choose?


Any help on this process would great, thanks so much!

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