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repeated null reference exception errors


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in the midst of a massive build, was laying out wood frames for flooring and the console kept popping up with null reference exception errors. couldn't even take a step before another error pops up. closed game, partly hoping a reboot would fix it and partly fearing i would need to start all over. loaded my game a few days later, and the errors were still going off. and i started falling thru multiple floors, one wood frame and at least 2 of concrete/iron bars. my mini bike fell thru one floor as well, but not sure if that happened when errors first occured or when i reloaded the game save. found other sections of concrete no longer visible. zombies were falling thru blocks i placed as well. did a little researched, pulled up the output log but i have no idea what im looking at or if its fixable. have a lot of time into this build, and i would really like to salvage it. [ATTACH]24198[/ATTACH]


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