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The HUD Situation (Server/Clientsided)


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Dear FunPimps,


we have a few questions and demands about the HUD situation ongoing with Servers.


A friend and i wanted to install a new HUD, as we can't get to a conclusion wich HUD we wanted to install, we decide to use our own and tryed to get the serversided XUI.xml into a form where we can use our individual HUDs - but with no success!


Our first question anyway is - why the heck is that file even required by the server?! - a HUD normaly is purly clientsided!

The second question is - why we need ALL HUD files on client AND server to get it running in the first place?!


Our demand would be to clear this mess and allow us to use our individual HUDs somehow

Another demand is the availability to send required modfiles to the clients, wich is another pretty basic feature nowadays and would clear the HUD situation aswell!


System Info:

Server: Dedicated on Linux

Clients: Windows over Steam

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