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Getting Rid of Launcher for Early Versions


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I am trying to go back and play Alpha 9.3 but am having issues.


I did have A16 installed, but want to play A9 until the next update (A17). I've done this many times in the past, usually without issues, but since the game launcher has been introduced, tehre can be problems. In the past I have managed to get past these by deleting everything to do with the game, or by going up one version (from A8.8 to 9.3 in that instance).


The problem is that Steam is trying to use the Launcher, regardless of if I select not to use it. Obviously, the launcher is not there, because there wasn't one for A9. This is preventing me from playing, though. I have deleted everything I can find to do with the game, but I think the issue is the file that tells Steam what to install and what to run after the installation. I need to find this file and get rid of it. Hopefully the game will then play as it should.


Anyone know where it is?

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