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Hi All,

I have had several ideas that i think would be great in 7DtD. Let me know what you think.


1. Duel wield 9mm - This could also work for 1 handed melee weapons like the hunting knife.


2. An extra slot on the Mini Bike (And new Vehicles) to place a Door Remote for garage doors and Draw Bridges. (Could Link It with Pin Codes, Different codes for different doors as a thought)


3. Flame Trap. Same as the spike trap but uses fuel or fuel and animal fat mix.


4. Ride On Lawn Mower. Moves at Player run speed but cuts and collects grass 2-3 squares wide, cotton, Golden Rod etc. (If you make and install a catcher) takes damage from small stones and nests etc


5. More options for weapon attachments ie. Silencer for the 9mm, Short range Scope for the 44 and SMG, Extended mags for Clip weapons. But you can only install One mod at a time


6. Ultra Light. Like the Gyro-copter i have see for A-17 but with 2 seats and needs a cleared area to land like a road.


7. Flame Thrower......Don't think i need to explain this one?


I have a lot more but ill start whit this lot and see if they are liked. Let me know.



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offers for developers


1. There is not enough skin that can be applied with the help of paint for clothing / armor. For weapons, tools and food appropriate are available. It would be nice to expand the list of skins.

2. The firearm has the ability to install a flashlight. And how about expanding this list, adding the ability to install a laser sight to the gun instead of a flashlight?

3. From a football helmet, it is possible to create a miner's helmet with a headlamp. Why can not we say let's say a tactical helmet with the same function, but with a high armor rating from SWAT helmet?

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