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DEFCON ONE - A "Working Stiff's" Server. Custom Mods, Builders Paradise PVE

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Hello! Me and my good friend are hosting a 10 slot PVE dedicated server. I call it a "Working stiff server" because we are both

usually very busy, and I've created some custom mods as well as installed a few others. Our mods are centered around quality-of-life as well as reduced grind, making it easier to jump into and get started. Mods & Features include:


- Modified GUI with XP bar, no need for installation, simply join the server

- 500% loot

- Significantly increased harvest from tree's ores and stone

- Significantly increased harvest when using the wrench to break down items

- Larger cities and custom POI's

- Significantly increased quantity of certain crafted items such as cement, gunpowder, and fertilized soil

- Custom recipes for soil, glue, and other materials that are non-cheaty

- Very high zombie spawn rate since we are a smaller server with level 2 difficulty, we may increase difficulty in the future

- Set a teleport destination to your home

- Ability to create clans

- Land Claim Blocks make your area impenetrable and have a 32 x 32 radius

- You spawn with a player Vending machine allowing for trading with others no matter where you are

- Dying results in backpack drop


Currently we are working on taking over an entire town and then moving on to create safe zones all over the map, but you're free to build and craft however you see fit!


Server is called DEFCON ONE

IP PORT 25464

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Day one...


Day one. Killed three zombies. Found a bear... bears are more terrifying than zombies. Ran from said bear, avoided one dog and many more zombies. Nearly froze to death. Setup camp in a tent so I could log off.


I might just log in again. If my coworkers are done being sick and I can have some time off.

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