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[YoSuboDeToh IDEAS] Daily Updates! (Objects. Recipes, Systems and more)


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Hi survivors! I decided to make this post for share my ideas with the community. 1؛. ROPE WITH EMPTY TINS [ATTACH=CONFIG]4470[/ATTACH] -This object is used in TWD, to be alert if it is zombies nearby. 2؛ LANCE [ATTACH=CONFIG]4471[/ATTACH] -This object is used in TWD. The best weapon to attack from behind of your window, hole in the wall, etc. [ATTACH=CONFIG]4472[/ATTACH] / [ATTACH=CONFIG]4473[/ATTACH] 3؛ CAGE OF BIRDS [ATTACH=CONFIG]4474[/ATTACH] -It is another option to obtain feathers and eggs every X days. If the water(BottledWater) and the food(CornMeal) ends the bird he will die. System similar to that of the Forge. [ATTACH=CONFIG]4476[/ATTACH] 4؛ FAKE SOIL [ATTACH=CONFIG]4477[/ATTACH] One perfect trap for animals, zombies or players. Digs a well, places the false soil and waits for the victim. Raiding the bases is more difficult. 5؛ ROPE [ATTACH=CONFIG]4479[/ATTACH] 6؛ ROPE TO TAME [ATTACH=CONFIG]4480[/ATTACH] 7؛ BOMB MEAT [ATTACH=CONFIG]4481[/ATTACH] 8؛ CANTEEN [ATTACH=CONFIG]4482[/ATTACH] 9؛ HONEYCOMB [ATTACH=CONFIG]4483[/ATTACH] 10؛ BEEHIVE [ATTACH=CONFIG]4510[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]4511[/ATTACH] -On having created this object we will call the attention of the bees and they will come to deposit his "honey" Also we can kill them to obtain more honey. 12؛ Feeding-place for horses WATER and FOOD [ATTACH=CONFIG]4512[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]4513[/ATTACH] [attachment=5597:name] [CENTER][SIZE=5]5 NEW's OBJETC's[/SIZE] [ATTACH=CONFIG]4522[/ATTACH] When you loot the [U]Garbage[/U] to look for some resource, you will find: [ATTACH=CONFIG]4523[/ATTACH] To obtain plastic we will need the [U]Campfire[/U]: [ATTACH=CONFIG]4524[/ATTACH] To do Bottle of Plastic Empties and Tupperware we will need the [U]Forge[/U]: [ATTACH=CONFIG]4525[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]4526[/ATTACH] [I]TUPPERWARE's[/I] to guard all food and that IT DOES NOT SMELL: 18؛ WATER RECOLLECTOR of RAIN: () - 19؛ CAN WITH FUELWOOD: [ATTACH=CONFIG]4535[/ATTACH] -More [I]lighting[/I] (intensity, blocks that it lights, etc) 20؛ POST TO TIE HORSES: () - 21؛ SLING: () -The ammunition that the [B]SLING[/B] uses they are [I]Sharp Stones[/I]. -To kill a zombie: 2 hit (in the head) 22؛ PENCILS: () -[I]Right click[/I] with the PENCILS in the hand to write in the SING. 23؛ SING: () 23؛ PADLOCK: () -To place it in your [B]CHESTS[/B] and [B]DOORS[/B]. () -Now nobody can steal your [B]CHEST[/B] unless a [B]PICKLOCK[/B] uses... (The same system with doors) 24؛ MICROCHIP: () 25؛ PASSWORDLOCK: () -To place it in your[B] DOORS[/B] and [B]CHESTS[/B]. () -Now you need password to enter unless a [B]PICKLOCK[/B] uses... (The same system with chests) 26؛ PICKLOCK: () -
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