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[US] NeoTacticalGaming - RAT- GB - Walkers


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Neo Tactical Gaming

Direct Connect :


Our NTG 7D2D server is ran with RAT which works well for what we wanted to achieve. You can expect our servers to take advantage of a few features, including the "Grab Bag" and "Backup/Recovery"


FIRST - This is a PVP server. Players can form teams, loot, raid, destroy bases without penalty.

SECOND - Any of Our Admins (Excluding the Owner) found to aid any player using his/her privileges will be removed from the server permanently and NO penalty to the player.


NTG - Currently use the War of the Walkers mod, and we have Enhanced all Head-shots.


Admins - All admins have the ability to monitor the server Remotely. What this means for players is Admins do not have to be in the game in order to assist current players.


Loot - The loot rate has been increased slightly. This makes it easier for newer players to find Schematics and Books to augment the Class build system.


Air Drops - Every 72 hours (3 game days) with markers enabled.


Grab Bag - !gb every hour for in game loot. Your guaranteed at least one item this ranges from 1 9mm bullet to a fancy pickaxe.


General Rules -

  • No Racism, Sexism, Religious Bashing, Bullying/Harassment, or Pure Stupidity will be tolerated.
  • Any Suggestions, Comments, Concerns will only be addressed in the New 7d2d/Arma Discord.
  • All Admins maintain an Unbiased and objective outlook of the server. Any Admin found favoring any player(s) will be removed as admin in order to engage with said player(s)
  • The most important rule to understand is that there are no rules on how you play the game. Only that you keep your personality (rule 1) out of it.
  • (From the Owner) I have and deal with children on a daily basis, I am a disabled Vet, if you disrupt my fun and the fun of my players i will remove you without question or regard to you or your opinion. (Whining, Crying, Pouting, Loud, Obnoxious, Pure Childish Behavior) Keep it out of my Servers and Discord.




Planned but not Implemented (Discussion Topics)


We are currently planning on a safe Community Zone that allows all players to Teleport to (and from hopefully) where trade can take place. This will utilize a " Wild Wild West" Justice system. Players found violating the Honor and Integrity of players currently in the Trade Zone can be killed and looted without consequence.


Users who try to manipulate and coerce players into any such action based on frequency of violation may be removed from the server.

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