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Utopia Rising - Open Friday 6:13 Pm (EST) Adults Only- Rangen-PvE


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Even in the Apocalypse People don't see eye to eye. Dystopia has splintered and a new beginning has come about...


Utopia Rising – Project R. Is a new beginning, an improved beginning. Join Utopia rising as they move forward and leave the past behind and improve the future.


Project R is a group project to take one building at a time and one city at a time and restore them to their post apocalyptic state while defending against and eradicating zombies from their part of the world. Yes, it maybe a never ending fight, but at-least they will arise the ashes of the dystopia past to embrace a bright, friendlier and more loyal... Utopia Rising.


We want to extend a special invitation to the new players of 7 days to die to come learn the game in a friendly atmosphere. One where you can be you, one where you are welcome to have a life and play other games. If you want to join a community of Adult gamer who enjoy their down time and escape time and value new friendships they will establish with other like minded adults. Then Utopia Rising is for you! Adults Only 21 years of age and older. PvE. Random Map. New 7 Day to Die Players encouraged to Join - Contact on Discord NCHitman#2359 for details. Discord is a Must.

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