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Accessory Items


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Accessories: An assortment of small items that only need to be kept in the inventory to work. They either grant certain bonuses or enable certain actions. The quality level of the item might affect the strength of its effects.

Accessories may also work when placed on a table. Accessories on a table grant their effect in a small radius.


Item ideas:


Can opener: (New starting item, for obvious reasons) Required to open canned food.

Eating utensils: Eating food takes longer, but recovers more hunger and HP.

Camp saw: Increases the amount of wood from cutting down trees and shrubs.

Multitool: Speeds up scrapping and gives a small bonus to materials recovered.

Sewing kit: Reduces quality loss and materials used when repairing clothing. Maybe could unlock crafting cloth apparel.

Lockpicks: Enables opening locked doors and containers without damaging them (in combination with a new Burglary skill?)

Stethoscope: Enables safe-cracking. (more Burglary)

Crowbar: Allows opening locked containers when the lock is only partially damaged. Also functions as a melee weapon. Found in hardware store crates.

Filter straw: Reduced chance of dysentery when drinking murky water. Found in Shamway crates.

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