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[TIP] Howto fix NRE with objects


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Hi all,


somebody spawned a Bandit on my Server and it crashed with extremely much NullReferenceExceptions in the logfile (also on the ServerConsole) and i found a solution for it.


Step1) Get the Coords of the object and shutdown the server (Console and listents command)

In this case it was a NPCBandit on 913,5 39,1 2679,5.

Step2) Get the RegionFileEditor from Harven https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?30985-Regionedit-simple-region-file-editor (THX for the tool! It worked like charm!)

Step3) Open the Editor and place the XY Coords on the bottom of the Tool

Step4) Open the Region File which will be shown on the previous Step (in this case 'r.1.5.7rg')

Step5) Find the correct entry in the table (in this case '57/167) and delete it (right click)

Step6) Save and restart the server


Done.. :) The Server restored the original chunk at that coords (i had a concrete wall there and it was gone.. also some wood spikes)

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