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Weapons/storage/farming/etc my little list of suggestions.


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[LIST] [*]More variety in guns, more hand guns, more hunting rifle options, less focus on military variety. Better caliber bullet tip variety, it dun make sense with the same size to different types of caliber. [*]Gun attachments, like scopes and flashlights. Not that hard to make, just add the model onto the gun and when crafted switch it to another gun, it doesn't have to be dynamically attached. [*]Bigger storage crates that has the same size of the forge maybe. [*]Ability to take out bullets from the guns. [*]Fix the bow, because a bow would be faster to "reload" than a crossbow, and thus sometimes better to use. [*]Make a charge up when throwing the pipe bomb, it doesn't go far. [*]Spawn biome mask makes the game less challenging, but ok for more casual players, make it toggle-able. [*]Some crops should need water, not all of them. Or add a sprinkler can haha. [/LIST]
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