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A16.4 strengthen mod1.0


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A16.4 strengthen mod1.0


1. Based on the data of other mod for simple modification

2. Strengthen some zombies and weaken some zombies

3. zombie refresh mechanism to modify (increase the difficulty)

4. Refresh mechanism to modify: shelves can be searched, the nest can search for bow and arrow ammunition (search finished disappear), weathered backpacks, garbage bags (search finished disappear)

5. Status display changes, large backpack, box capacity increases

6. Births did not make changes (intend to add professional books)

7. Major changes in the distribution of buildings, add new buildings

8. Some terrain is not suitable for survival (snow, wasteland, desert, burning ground)


Self-made and modified for the first time,i am still a novice,have any questions to tell me,thank you.



The content is all from inside Z-Nation FFS

Z-Nation FFS channel connection:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCF3TYCwHDq9-tfAfGFpgicw

I am still learning stage,will not make a formal mod,i will try



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