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Buildimg my home: need ideas for three rooms!


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So iv been playing around with a base design for quite some time. And with each reduild, I always seem to make some small addition or change. Well I think iv found the way I want to build it. But my problum is, I dont just want a empty house. I want it to look lived in. Like someone actually took the time to make the structure there own.


So the entire complex is 52 frames wide and 48 squares long. And contains a garden for all 11 plantable seeds, the main building for living and acomodation, And a small garage with a sizable storage building. The house is sectioned off into rooms and is two stories tall.


You have a front entry way thats mostly inclosed. To the right is a little camp fire area. And to the left... Nothing. As I have no idea what to put in this room. Which is 7 frames long and 5 frames wide. (Not counting the wall, which would be 8x6) Any ideas?


Once you enter you have two more rooms that are 7x5 Or (8x6 if counting the walls.) The room on the left is the kitchen. And on the right is a starir case to the second floor, which is split with a small jail like holding cell.


After that are 4 rooms that are 5x5. the first two contain a bathroom and a entertainment room. The second set, is complicated. As the room on the left sits empty, And I have no idea what to put in it. The room on the right leads to the storage building.


Then at the end of the building is two 8x5 (9x6 with walls) and these are bedrooms. which will be furnished by the person using it.


On the second floor all the rooms are the same dimentions as the first floor. The stairs and enry way to the second floor take up all of the room on the right. And the room across from it contains my armory for weapons and tools.


The next rooms contain a second armory containing clothes and armor. The room on the right is set up as a office.


But the next two rooms that are both 5x5, are empty. As I have no idea what to put there.


And then again the last two rooms (8x5) are again going to be bedrooms.




I need ideas for three rooms that are 5x5 and one room thats 7x5. But isn't one of the following.


Kitchen, bathroom, living room, office, garden, storage room, crafting room or armory.


So any ideas? Also the must use assets that can be attaind in a SURVIVAL mode. NOT CREATIVE mode.

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