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Craftable Beakers and Minibike book


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This small tweak makes both beakers and the minibikesfordumb♥♥♥♥s book craftable. I also changed the value of both beakers and the book you craft to 10, you can still find the original book in loot and the original book is still worth the same, that way it isn't totally useless if you find one, yet you cant farm the ones you craft for dukes.


The beaker requires a forge and the minibikebook requires a workbench, units refers to the resources you have in your forge.


Beaker = 10 glass units and 5 clay units

MiniBikeBook (it will be called BaileyBikeBook in game) 25 paper and 8 leather


The general backstory behind how you ♥♥♥♥ out a method to making the bike is that you designed it yourself using the homemade book.


If the icon on the minibike book annoys you, I didn't want to edit the original minibike book as it makes stuffing anything up much easier, I am not good enough at modding to use the original icon, so if you want me to change it, provide me with an icon you find suitable with 116x80 resolution and I will change it. You can also delete the "Mods" folder I provided and it will give the book no icon, it will still function the same.


EDIT: You have to type the name of the book to make it show up as craftable, just type Bailey in the workbench search bar.


If for some reason you cant download the attached folder, here is another link:




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