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The lack of Rare Stones - Solved Making Safes fun again.


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Hi again,



Whilst looking through the LOOT.XML file I discovered that you can increase the quantity of items found.


As we all know after playing the game for a while you generally get to a point when the SAFES inside the game contain stuff that you don't need...ie blueprints for stuff you have and so on. Well I changed it up a bit and now when I break into a safe theres a good chance that I will find rareores, as well as blueprints for stuff I already have.


Look for <!-- safes, weapon caches rare good loot -->

and change/add the following <item group="rareOres" prob="5"/> (you can increase the prob="5" but honestly this works fine).


Nice. Now you can build up a pile of rare ores to sell to the traders.


You can add this line anywhere, so if you want to find treasure on the zombies you kill then add this line to there descriptions and BINGO.



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