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having issues with game not responding


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so iv been playing for awhile now but now i cant log into my account the game loads i can hear music ect in background when i last played i logged out as i died and now when i sign in itll load everything and ask where i would like to spawn at when i choose that game goes unresponsive...could i please have some help on this?? iv uninstalled everything reinstalled it and still nothing i also play on starvation mod if this helps any :/

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find this path. you may need to go into your computer settings and enable hidden folders in your folder options in setting or control panel depending on windows version.


what to do is. un install the gam through steam. then navigate to the folder listed above on your computer. delet all the contents of this folder. then go back to steam and reinstall the game. then after you install go ahead and right click on it in steam, go to properties, go to the local files tab and click validate. Then go ahead and redo your mods.


This process will ensure you get a full clean reinstall


good luck

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