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Crash festival. Getting worse everyday. Please help.


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Good day admins and seasons greeting to all!


First I want to say I love your game. You guys did an awesome job with the concept and game, of course there are issues that needs to be fixed but I am confident the game will one day run stable and free of constant crashes (fingers crossed).


I bought both version for my computer and PS4. So far I only play the console version since this is where all my friends are.


The game itself is great but the issues encountered while playing multiplayer are becoming hard to deal with and are making it even harder to have a proper game going on since people have to constantly reconnect and lose 1 hour (in game time) every time they join back. And of course now that I got a multiplayer taste I don't want to go back and play solo to avoid crashing all the time.


I have been crashing like there is no tomorrow, sometime every 15-20 min. This is the second map with this issue. It seems that the issues are greater as the game progress. In the early stages of the game crashes seemed to happen much less often.


Seems to crash even more when I am in my underground base. I had similar issues with another underground base with a pit fall setup. The first base had a pit fall in the middle and zombies didn't fall into it so much so I assumed the zombies gathered above ground made me crash... So I decided to build a "reversed" pit fall in a new map so there would be much more room for the zombies to fall in. They are falling in much more often than with my previous setup but the crashes are still becoming way too regular for my liking. I went from 1-2 crash per day to 2-3 crash per hour. This is of course making the game almost impossible to play.


With a full lobby (4 players) crashes are pretty much 100% guaranteed to happen withing the first 20 min of a full lobby.


I don't know if there is a way to send a "save game" in order for you to see the extent of the crashes.


I will try to answer the below to the best of my knowledge.


Game Type: Multiplayer

Map Type: Random Gen

Seed/Save Name: Survive

Disk or Digital: Disk

DLC: None

Character: The guy with the mohawk

Difficulty: Survivalist

Run: default

Aggression: default

Day length: deault

Drop On Death: default

Enemy memory: default

Enemy Spawning: default

Block durability: default

Loot respawn time: default

Loot abundance: default

Airdrops: default

24 hour cycle: default

In-game Day: 133 (crashes have increased considerably since day 120 approx.)


If playing Online Multiplayer, and it is potentially a connection issue, please include:


Are you Host or Client: Host

Upload Speeds (while playing the game): 10 MBPS (Shaw internet 150)

Download Speeds (While playing the game): 50-75 MBPS (Shaw internet 150)

NAT type: ?

Wired or Wireless connection: Wireless

Internet Service Provider (ISP): Shaw

Router connected to console: No

How many console connected to same router: 1



Thank you and I hope this helps fixing those issues.


Michel "Jethrobuz" R.

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Yes I have been restarting the system about 5 times per day now. Yesterday was brutal. 4 players in game and we crashed about every 20 to 30 minutes all day.


I find it very sad that the game don't seem to be able to handle what it should. Maybe make the map smaller or something that will allow players to have some end game time without crashing every 20 to 30 min.


I just don't want to be going through the stone age weekly due to the game not handling itself.


ARK is starting to feel very attractive with all these crashes to be honest. I wish I could play 7 days without the constant reload and reboot.

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Hi Jethro,


Thank you for the very detailed bug report. we always appreciate as much information as possible for each issue. We are currently aware of the regular crashes players are experiencing. I have passed on your information to our team accordingly.




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