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6 hour until people join your game ?


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Hey everyone I've been playing 7 days to die trying to earn the trophies, by the way I love this game Ive been playing it a lot lately. While playing the game I've noticed for the past few times I've played my world I made it mutiplayer, scavenger or whatever it's caled it seems that I have to wait up to 6 in game days until random pepole are able to join. My friend is able to join whenever he wants, easy simple no problem but usually it takes an 45mins or an hour for 1 day. Which can be a lot of time to wait to play either other players, I just want to know if anyone else is having this problem or if it's a feature? Also when people do join my game ends up crashing within half an hour. I can't save the recording when the game crash's but it usually happens when the lobby is full 4 people me included especially when it's night 7, it will always crash the game. Please let me know if this is happening to anyone else or if I can get some help with this question also I'm on (PS4)

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