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Xbox One - Unable to play any form of multiplayer.


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Hi there, new player here since Christmas Eve. Me and two friends bought the game, with the intention of playing it together. I initially hosted the first game, my two friends joined straight after. Unfortunately, the problems started straight away. Matt couldn't see himself on the map, he was far off to the right. Jamie was happy moving around and farming resources. However, I saw him just standing there and he wasn't doing anything. He then lost connection and couldn't get back into the session. I couldn't join either player's hosted game, I couldn't even join a random multiplayer game. I've checked my internet connection a fair few times, the ports are open and my Nat type is open too. My friend's ISPs are Virgin and Sky respectively. Mine is BT and this is the first time I've ever had a problem like this. I've read all the Xbox One forum posts on this, going all the way back to early 2016, none of the fixes have worked.

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