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A little p.c. build help?


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Yeah, it's boxed and sealed still. She can't be bothered from her current game session to open it. Lol.


Prior to this thread I did a little research and found that the EVGA powersupplies had stellar reviews, and that 500w would be pushing it if we were to run a good GPU. Hence my choice. Plus it has a 10y warranty. That shows faith in thier product.


What I don't get is how they send this to my doorstep in its factory packaging. Then just plop it on the doorstep. No wonder package theft is up across the nation.

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Last night we finished up our build and installed the operating system. The only thing we haven't purchased yet is a video card, but should be doing that after the rest of her Christmas cards and stuff come in.


Combo so far


ASRock z170 pro 4 MB

i5 6600k

EVGA 750p2

Seagate 1tb standard HD

Asus DVD RW drive.

Thermaltake NiC C5 cooler.


All stuffed into a skyline-07-r case.


Windows 10 is installed, and i need to make one last trip for a longer Cat 5 cable to finish setup...


Just wanted to say thanks to all those who offered advice...

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