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Old West Town


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I was thinking of adding a few vanilla prefabs to the world as for some reason they are not. The old west prefabs. And I just made a whole new town type so the whole town would just be old west, unfortunately the town is completely bare with nothing but roads. Why are the prefabs there with nothing on them?




My code

<prefab_rule name="townOld">
		<prefab rule="oldWest"/>
		<prefab name="oldwest_stables"/>

This is the vanilla code for old west

<prefab_rule name="oldWest">
		<prefab name="oldwest_church"/>
		<prefab name="oldwest_hotel_01"/>
		<prefab name="oldwest_hotel_02"/>
		<prefab name="oldwest_jail"/>
		<prefab name="oldwest_md_shop_01"/>
		<prefab name="oldwest_md_shop_02"/>
		<prefab name="oldwest_md_shop_03"/>
		<prefab name="oldwest_md_shop_04"/>
		<prefab name="oldwest_sm_shop_01"/>
		<prefab name="oldwest_sm_shop_02"/>
		<prefab name="oldwest_sm_shop_03"/>
		<prefab name="oldwest_watertower"/>






it works, just a blank town.

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