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Moss/Rust, swamp, cheese , swarm


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Was thinking many idea Moss /Rust When stone/concrete block placed, moss will slowly grew on it, giving a little greenish color , -20% hardness of that block if moss fully grow, can be cleaned with hoe/sickle Rust is the iron based blocks version of moss , need oil to clean it Swamp , new biome , crocodile , giant catfish , crawfish ? cheese , hmm so there is no cow, how about a milk from rat then make cheese from it so where the milk come from will be mystery but I suggest some food that benefit from being left in basement, without sun light Swarm , an event, a black sky in the horizon moving to you, it's the swarm survivor will be given 2-3 hours to find shelter, or a bug a size of kitten will devour them, the event will stay for 1-2 hours, any shelter that have hole will spawn that bug inside, after the event, you can find some bug outside, can be killed and cooked , will destroy farm plant if planted in open space
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