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The Need for Transportation


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I'm not too sure if anyone else has discussed this or even complain (didnt do a search srry in advance) but i feel its a topic that should be discussed with some detail. This game is by far one of the best Survival games i have played that includes dayz, war stories or warZ, and the list goes on. the simple formula of being able to build your own space and somehow call it your own in a world filled with zombies and a-holes wanted to loot you is well genius (walking dead remake). This Game Even tho its beta is a pretty solid and enjoyable game do not get it wrong fun pimps keep it up the game still has lots more potential. This brings me to the main topic i would like to discuss about and i would love import for everyone about this issue. With the implementation of Random World Generation (i f-ing love it) the space that you now have to cover to find buildings and any kind of towns is immense. In a typical Game in naz you would make a hideout or cave any where in the map and you could relatively walk to a near by town to loot things u may need. In the new mode (random world) this is not the case, meaning i have some games that i would walk for Hours some how finding scraps along the way to allow me to continue to walk, because of no map or Road system to inform the player of a local town or resort (highway signs). On one part i do not mind the Search, for a nearby town. but the Size of the random world is Soooooooooo huge that even using Cheat mode (flying) i could spend even time searching random worlds for towns with nothing side for miles (in game miles). Now im not complaining about the Random world concept like i said before i love it, it gives a sense of replay-ability and originality to every game and/server, but lets be serious walking or running with 64 goldenrod teas and not finding anything is little silly, so i proposed a system of transportation. nothing complicated but bicycle? or a scooter? hell some skates would be fine. a Mcguyver crafting system in this game should allow the constructions of these things again only make sense.Also why is every car in the game inoperable? like a nuke hit each and ever single one? ive heard of tactical missiles but jesus every single one? and i know im properly getting ahead of my self and some of you guys are thinking Brah! chill out its coming The fun Pimps are doing the best they can. This is not a complain more of a Request of Sorts. Wouldn't a form of transportation even as basic as a bicycle make sense in this World (which you have created)? Besides the Graphical Image on how a bike may look in the game to you and to others the crafting of it should look like how you make a pistol. you make each individual part make the frame wheels handle bar with some scrap iron or wood? and of course the durability would wear down based an amount of time or per block usage w.e is easiest as well as wasting stamina as you use such item. Just my input I've backed the game since its birth back on kick starter, and i love the direction the game is going. I just felt that the game could use certain things to improve its overall fun ps. Tanks would be awesome :sneakiness: pss. srry for the long read
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