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Items i´d like to be added to the game. Sorry, some ideas may not be new. [B]Weapons/Tools[/B] - Modified sledgehammer, ability to tear down [B]own[/B] blocks very fast - Molotov Cocktails, made of cloth, oil, gas and glass jar - Scope for the hunting rifle, fixed small zoom - Silenced .22LR pistol/carbine, stealth weapon like the crossbow but with less damage - fuse for tnt, made of paper/plant fibres and gun powder [B]Military items[/B] It would be nice to find some rare, non-craftable loot in military camps like - MREs, very high nutrition, maybe buffs. ([url]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meal,_Ready-to-Eat[/url]) - handgrenades, a bit more effective than pipe bombs - flares/flare gun, throwing/firing for lighting purposes and maybe to distract zeds - water disinfections tablets, instant drinking water without boiling - military morphine injector, maybe restores full health and/or speeds up healing of broken legs [B]Misc Items[/B] - oil lamps, made of glass jar, cloth, oil and can. lighting less flickering, less intense - trap doors (wood/iron) - rope bridges, connect two objects without the need to build supporting pillars - rope ladders, free hanging and maybe rectractable - workbenches for advanced items like ammo, weapons, tools etc. - backpacks in various sizes, maybe with different walking speed - bed as your home spawn, sleeping bag as a mobile spawn. other players should not be able to pick them up, but be able to destroy them - matches, lighter or metal&stone needed to start a fire, light torches etc - signs
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