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Weekly Game, May 26th, 2024.

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Posted (edited)

Ok, here goes nothing.


Day 1


0758 hrs

1226 hrs...

First Look at starter base.


2330 hrs...

Where I got to by the end of day one.


Ok, so I went and played the first day, and stopped myself from just keep playing and forced myself to start the thread, and begin uploading the 3 videos to my YouTube channel

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Got the third vid twice, and not the first vid at all (see edit history)
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So, best laid plans and all that, I tried to post this in the early hours of Sunday, but got an error as I was putting things together, and couldn't get back to this for a few hours, and by then I had other things that needed doing.  At this point I have been up for close too 24 hours, and am to tired to think straight, and my twice daily instalments (in another game) come early, so I will be playing this game tomorrow some, but not till afternoon, and cannot say where I'll get this game to (Day  2 is a given), but day 3 may have to wait till the 28th.


Anyway, off to bed.

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So, waiting to get the two short vids from day two uploaded and ready to publish.  I'm very much just starting to learn how to organize and set this stuff up, so please bear with me as I race to get ready for retail.  I'm proud to say that I did manage to keep from starting day three until all the stuff from day 2 was uploaded, but the processing times are quite long.  Once day two are processed, I'll post them here.

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1449 hrs, May 29th, 2024...


Day 2

0009 hrs, day two starts off with...

and ends with...

2023 hrs, end of play on day three.

So, nothing to see here, I'm just getting experience making vids for now, and learning how to play/post/publish.

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Posted (edited)


0835 hrs, May 30th, 2024.

Day 3
0943 hrs, a quick look see where the game is at.

and a bit later,

2120 hrs, touching bases and giving a look see at where the game is at.

I failed to capture the video opening with the date time showing on screen with the game paused and that info showing, so I put the info into the text leading up to the video.


As an aside, I think that I am (slowly) getting a feel for what is needed, to master the play a bit, then publish the videos, and then making them appear in this thread.  It might be that I am doing something wrong, or perhaps it just takes a long time for the videos to be 'done' over on YouTube, but posting the vids needs to be done there long before I can post them here, so that is a thing I needed to learn.


Currently, my method for trying to capture some video from my weekly games, is I play a tiny it (just about one game day per session), and have to keep in mind that I need to just capture a brief vid from the in-game day.  As I get these skills partially worked out, I will then be able to make threads here that better serves the desired purpose.


I'm not a great player, just an enthusiastic amature, with the will and desire to play and post for new players one way (my way) to enjoy this great game.  If folks want the wealth of high end vids, for what a skilled player and "content creator" can do, they are all over the internet.  I am working to include others in the process of helping me to make vids that are higher quality (my current vids don't fall into that category), and will bring to life what I have wanted all along, and that is multiple folks, in game, focusing on new players, and team play in particular, where a group of players can all spawn into a game all at the same spot (Ideally, a set of close starting spawn locations, with no one being more than 50 meters apart, but that takes coding skills I don't have), but for now we will have to make do with simply editing the RWG maps spawn locations, and each player coming in on top of each other.  One of my first games, working with the Husband and Wife team, we had the husband make the game, and once he was in and up and running, the wife and I joined, and were superimposed on each other, until we took our first step in-game.  It worked, but wasn't as good as everyone spawning into the game, for the first time, as a group, and within sight of each other, or just over the hill/around the corner from each other.  Before this, the game would just scatter us around the map in whatever way it wanted, as we lacked the ability to interact with the game setup, and select an option that is "group friendly" spawning.

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So, after all the hard work, My recording software (OBS) suddenly and without warning stopped recording my voice-over's.  Going to take a break from the whole weekly game concept for a bit.  Sorry.

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