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Crouch Aiming Revisited A21 XML Modlet


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Version: 1.0.1 17th March 2024

Download:   Repository Link: Crouch Aiming Revisited


Crouching reduces your heart rate and steadies your aim.
Currently 7DTD treats weapon handling the same whether a player is standing or crouching. This tiny modlet adds some basic
stabilisation effects that you might normally expect to see from crouch firing.


  Added ranged weapon effects when Crouching:
        Increases: max range 10%, Weapons Handling 13%.
        Reductions: Spread Multiplier 15%, Kickback 5%, ADS Stamina cost reduction.


Note: ADS 'stamina reduction' is actually increasing player stamina regen, which in turn slows stamina loss down when ADS.
        So the actual reduction amount will depend on any other stamina effects the player might have active as well.


Code comes from the Survival No Trader mod and the code free to use as you want.


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