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I have so many parts


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I love this game. But when I think of end game, I think two things:


1. I have sooooooo many useless weapon parts.

2. Man I got to a level 6 Desert Vulture really fast


I feel like there's an opportunity to enhance the endgame while making use of the number of parts collected.


Imagine this:


In addition to being used to craft weapons, weapon parts and materials could be used to tune and customize the weapon, beyond the scope of existing weapon mods (honestly, these should be more rare or craft only). They could increase damage, alter damage type, change loot luck, increase food harvested, etc.


Imagine tuning a weapon to the point it achieved some sort of "legendary" status with powerful random and non-random effects. This would the pinnacle of your weapon, the payoff for the time spent spoiling your little friend.


I feel like we have an opportunity to adopt some of the crafting elements of, say, a Fallout 4 or Skyrim type game.


Just a thought.

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