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Water Workstation


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I know that the new water changes are controversial, but I like that TFP try to make water more of a task to worry about.

That’s why I wanted to drop some ideas that could improve on these new changes 


-1 new tool type

-reworking the dew collector

-reworking recipes that require water


Water container “tools”

T1 Trinket

T2 Scrap flask

T3 Iron flask

T4 Canteen

Level 1-6 holds more water with each level

And higher Tiers hold much more water

To increase early game trouble, it could be added that lower tiers leak water over time


Possible Mods:

Water purifier: Gives additional minor stamina regen with drinking (replaces water purifier mod for helmets)

Cooling sheet: Cools down character a little bit after drinking

Termo plating: Warms up character a little bit after drinking

Improved casing: Slows down the loss of water



Reworking the dew collector 

New workstation: Filter Station

Crafted from cooking pot, coal and wood


At this workstation murky water can be added which gets slowly filtered

Similar to smelting ores in a forge

The filter station holds this filtered water as water units which can be consumed directly at the workstation or filled into the new water containers


Adding other ingredients could also enable the possibility to cook different water sources with different effects, yucca water, tea, blueberry water, beer, energy drink and whatever


3 mods could be installed to it


Charcoal filter: Speeds up murky water filtering and increases storage

Dew Net: Enables passive water collection and increases storage (Replaces the dew collector feature)

Dehumidifier: Speeds up passive collection significant when provided with power and increases storage

(Adds a more late game water source and removes the need for a dew collector army)



Reworking recipes that require water


With water jars removed recipes needing water now could use these water units from the water container

Makes it possible to reduce costs with perks.


The loot table could also get a change so that different amount of murky water can be found. Jar of murky water, gallon of cloudy water, tin can of dirty water and so on


Water in rivers or lakes could be changed to look “nasty” would make sense that you don’t want to collect lake water if it’s infected with zombie blood

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